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Spending a holiday in Kitzbühel is much more than just a vacation, it's making memories. We want to help you and your staff that your guests have the best time in your hotel or restaurant. Probably one of the most important part of a vacation is the food. When you travel into a country you want to spoil your sense of taste and eat typical regional specialities. When it comes to meat, the Butchery Huber is your first adress in our beautiful region. Since more than 200 years we're doing our job and we can tell you - we do it great. More than 300 restaurants and hotels trust in us and our knowledge. We'd love to also be part of the memories of your guests!

We prepare your meat specialites in our modern manufacturing building in Oberndorf, where we moved in the year 2004. There is our decomposition, but also the production of our Original Kitzbüheler specialites, which means bacon, ham and raw sausages. What makes the difference to other suppliers is that in our company there are working pros. Our butchers know their job and so we can prepare your meat like you want to have it. Different cuts or sizes are no problem for us and we do our best to simplify your daily work in the kitchen.

Working with the butchery Huber doesn't only mean to have the best quality meat, but you can also try our range of convenience goods, our homemade bacon, ham and sausages made with Austrian meat and also a selection of commodities. Like in our four shops around Kitzbühel, we also want to be your expert when it comes to meat. Our focus is on quality, personal support and products which have the natural, delisious taste of Kitzbühel. More than 300 restaurants and hotels around Kitzbühel, but also outside of our wonderful region, trust in our service. We would be happy to also work together with you!

We're happy to help you and your staff that your guests have the best time ever during their stay in your restaurant or hotel. We know that it's a lot of responsibility and we're doing our best to fulfill all your wishes:

  • Freshness and Quality: Butcher's are always quite demanding, what makes working with them not always easy. However it's perfect for you, because only the best quality meat is accepted in our receiving department and our production. Further we work together with only striclty selected suppliers, which have the same sense of quality as we do. We're not a company which uses to change their suppliers a lot - we think that only over the years you can build a partnership with a lot of trust and probably a long time partnership sometimes makes the inpossible possible.
  • You probably already got it: We're quite proud about our team. That's just because of one simple reason: They show us everyday that they are real pros in their job and love to work with foodstuff. Starting from the receiving department until the deliverymen with our own transporters - our employees know what to do to make your wishes come true.
  • Hygiene Managment: We're not only selling our products in our four shops around Kitzbühel but also in the retail industry in Germany and Austria. Therefore we have to fulfill strict hygiene standards which are checked by extern experts several times a year.
  • We are a family run business, which means above all that we try to live a family tradition. We're convinced that this only works with personal relationships to our employees, but also our costumers. Therefore it is very important for us to have personal contact with you and to be a supplier you can trust.
Zoran Marjanovic

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Zoran Marjanovic

Hochkitzbühel bei Tomschy

Herzlich willkommen am Genuss-Gipfel 1700 Meter über dem Meer! Unsere Lounge wirkt wie ein Wohnzimmer am Berg, das Bistro mit der Bar ist unser Ess-Zimmer. Unser Küchenchef Josef verwöhnt euch mit Köstlichkeiten und natürlich ist jeder herzlich eingeladen, den Weinkeller zu besuchen – unsere ganz persönliche Schatzkammer.

Grand Tirolia by Hilton****

Das Grand Tirolia ist Teil der Curio Collection by Hilton: Ein Hotel mit unnachahmlichem Charakter. Dazu gehört auch die Kulinarik: Hilton setzt auf traditionelle Küche, modern interpretiert und vertraut dabei auf regionale Lieferanten, wie die Metzgerei Huber aus Kitzbühel. 

Hotel Unterlechner****

Wir verfeinern - den Grundstein legen unsere Lieferanten! Wir im Adults Only Hotel Unterlechner und im Restaurant Esskultur schätzen die Top Qualität von unserem regionalen Hausmetzger sehr und sind stolz, die Metzgerei Huber als Partner zu haben. 

Der Greil****

Greil’s Genusswelt ist ganz und gar dem leiblichen Wohl gewidmet. Es kommen ausschließlich Produkte und Zutaten bester Qualität auf den Teller. Ehrlich, echt und naturverbunden – mit viel Tiroler Herzblut, deswegen ist die Metzgerei Huber ein langjähriger Partner vom Hotel Greil.

Mocking - das Wirtshaus

Heimat schmecken und neu entdecken, dafür steht Mocking. Sorgfältig verarbeitete Produkte garantieren ein intensives Geschmackserlebnis. Die beste Voraussetzung dafür: Unsere Hausmetzgerei Huber als Partner. Regionalität, beste Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit machen eine gute Zusammenarbeit aus, die wir sehr schätzen!



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