Huber Metzger
Our History

Butchery with a long tradition

In the year 1812 our Butchery opens the doors in the middle of Kitzbühel. Today, 200 years later, we're proud to look back at a lot of moments full of culinary delight. Since the very first day our Butchery is a family-run business with the focus on quality, regionality and delicious taste. Our work is our passion and probably that's the secret of our Original Kitzbüheler specialities.


Our family run business isn't only a Butchery with four shops, but also a quite successfull catering. In the year 2017 the former manufacturing part of our main building in Kitzbühel was rebuild to be the new home base of our catering.

Metzgerei Huber Metzgerschinken DLG Qualitätswettbewerb


In spring 2017 our products convinced at the DLG Competition in Germany and reached 7 gold- and 3 silver medals.

Logo IFS Global Market Foods Metzgerei Huber


Quality control and strict hygiene standards are indispensable for our Butchery. Since 2016 we're certified IFS Global Market Food Company and fulfill the highest quality standards in food production industry.

Metzgerei Huber PRODUKT Best Launch 2016 Kaiserspeck


Our Original Kitzbüheler Kaiserspeck is our newest innovation in 2016 and was already awarded twice in his first year: He won a gold medal at the IFFA in spring and was elected to the Best Launch of 2016 by the magazin PRODUKT.

Metzgerei Huber Hahnenkammschinken IFFA Medaille


In the spring of 2016 we sent 10 products to the IFFA in Frankfurt, an international competition for sausages and meat. All our Original Kitzbüheler specialities convinced with their taste and quality and so we got 7 gold- and 3 silver medals.

Metzgerei Huber Lukullus 2015 Bestes Fleischfachgeschäft Österreichs


Not only our ham, bacon and raw sausages are award winners, but also our main shop in Kitzbühel. In 2015 we've been awarded as the best Butchery in Austria.

Metzgerei Huber 200 Jahr Feier


In the year 2012 we're happy to celebrate our 200th anniversary. We invited to an open day in our production and we celebrated with our employees during a delicious gala dinner.

Metzgerei Huber Logo


In 2011 finally our fourth shop opened - this time again in Kitzbühel, where you can buy our products now in our main shop in the Bichlstraße and in the MPreis Kitzbühel. 

Metzgerei Huber Fachgeschäft Lukullus 2015


During a few weeks in 2011 our main shop in Kitzbühel is under construction. A lot of things changed and when the doors were opened again the shop and the snack corner convinced with a light, cosy atmosphere.

Metzgerei Huber Logo


In 2007 we opened our third shop in the MPreis Kirchberg.

Metzgerei Huber Josef Huber Familienbetrieb


Josef Huber jun. is going to be the head of the 7th generation of the family Huber, running our butchery. He makes his internship in the Butchery Piegger in Sistrans/Tyrol till he starts to work in the family business in August 2004. In 2007 he successfully completed his master in Augsburg. Today he's head of production.

Metzgerei Huber Logo


In 2005 we opened our second store: From this day on you can buy our Kitzbüheler specialities not only in Kitzbühel, but also in the MPreis St. Johann.

Metzgerei Huber Produktion Oberndorf


In the year of 2003 we start building our new manufacturing building in Oberndorf, a small village next to Kitzbühel. For about 190 years we produced all our Kitzbüheler specialities in our main building in Kitzbühel, where 1812 our Butchery was established. However our company grew over the years and there wasn't enough place anymore. That's why our production moved 2004 to Oberndorf, our main shop is still in our main building in Kitzbühel.

Metzgerei Huber Kitzbühel Speckalm


With the beginning of a new century we try something new: Our Original Kitzbüheler Speckalm is going to be a successfull franchise project and helps our ham, bacon and raw sausages to be known outside of the austrian borders.

Metzgerei Huber Josef Huber Tiroler Speck


Since the 1980s we take part in national and international competitions. Our ham, bacon and raw sausages can convince the jury from the first bite on and since now we've been awarded with 74 gold- and 25 silver medals.


In the year of 1912 the third generation of the family Huber can celebrate the 100th anniversary of our city butchery.

Metzgerei Huber Bichlstraße Winter


Starting in the 19th century the first guests come to Kitzbühel to spend their holiday in the Alps. A little bit earlier our Butchery opened the doors in den Bichlstraße in front of the town gate. Since 1812 the townspeople and the guests can enjoy the Original Kitzbüheler specialities made by our Butchery.



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