Huber Metzger

Award winners

Our Original Kitzbüheler specialities are gold medal winners, Best Launch in the food retail industry and real PRODUKT Champions - indeed delicious award winners.

It is in the nature of things that we are convinced that our Original Kitzbüheler specialities are the most deliciously sausages and cold meats you can get. However, it always makes us proud to hear that not only our costumers but also the jury of big competitions love our products. Since the year of 1985 we take part in international and national competitions. Since then we've been awarded with 74 gold- and 25 silver medals. The last time we took part at the DLG Quality Competition 2017 in Germany. We're happy that all our products convinced the jury and so we got 7 gold- and 3 silver medals.

Original Kitzbüheler Steinpilzschinken DLG Medaille
Original Kitzbüheler Walnussschinken Metzgerei Huber
Original Kitzbüheler Metzgerschinken DLG Qualitätswettbewerb
Original Kitzbüheler Osso Collo DLG Qualitätswettbewerb
Huber's Polnische DLG Qualitätswettbewerb
Huber's Krakauer DLG Qualitätswettbewerb
Huber's Käsekrainer DLG Qualitätswettbewerb
Huber's Feine Extrawurst DLG Qualitätswettbewerb
Huber's Puten Extrawurst DLG Qualitätswettbewerb
Original Kitzbüheler Rinderedelrauchschinken DLG Qualitätswettbewerb

No question - each medal or award makes us happy. But there are some products, especially when we talk about our ham and bacon, which haven't been only once on the top of the result lists. For us it is a confirmation that the quality of our products always remains on the highest level. Our costumers can be sure that they only get the most deliciously products in our shops. One of these award collecting products is the Original Kitzbüheler Hahnenkammschinken, which has been one of 13 award winners at the Quality Competition of the German Fleischerverband in spring 2016.

Original Kitzbüheler Hahnenkammschinken IFFA 2016
Original Kitzbüheler Honigkrustenschinken IFFA 2016
Original Kitzbüheler Kalbschinken IFFA 2016
Original Kitzbüheler Schinkenspeck IFFA 2016
Original Kitzbüheler Kaiserspeck mit Alpenkräuter IFFA 2016
Original Kitzbüheler Jausenspeck Rustikal IFFA 2016
Original Kitzbüheler Wurstpralinen IFFA 2016
Huber's Grobe Gutsleberwurst IFFA 2016
Huber's Honigkalbsleberstreichwurst IFFA 2016
Huber's Trüffelstreichwurst IFFA 2016

Last but not least: Also our main shop in Kitzbühel is an award winner. In the year 2015 the Austrian Meat Marketing convered the Lukullus Award to us as the best meat shop in Austria. And our manufacturing building in Oberndorf is awarded for the excellent work with our internships. More details you can find in our history.



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